Your wedding process starts by having a fun planning meeting, where Tim & Meg help take the stress off your shoulders by offering their expertise and experience to plan a flawless wedding day. They’ll help with any recommendations you would like, from your timeline to the layout of your reception hall, to florists and DJs. You also get together to plan your engagement session, which results in beautiful casual images that can be hung anywhere in your home.

Once your wedding is over, Tim spends the following Monday editing your entire gallery (and putting up a teaser on social media!) and he’ll have all of your images ready for viewing by that Wednesday. Then they bring you back to the studio, where you get to review all of your images in life size on their 9 foot screen before anyone else. This is the time where you get to pick your favorites images for the wall art, hand designed album, and your online gallery.

Megan and Tim have been posing and making couples look great for 7 years! They also have been active in PPA (Professional Photographers of America), and currently are working on a posing workshop and video series to teach other professional photographers about posing methods and lighting methods (as the two work in harmony to create a great image). For weddings, Meg and Tim shoot as a team, and use a technique called “flow posing”. This is where they will pick a spot with beautiful light (or will bring lights to make it beautiful), and quickly create a series of poses without major location changes, but just simple changes in expression, camera angles, and lighting angles.

Megan is very professional with posing, and works together with Tim for every aspect of your wedding photography. During the pre-wedding prep time, Tim will work with the guys while Meg works with the ladies, and during the ceremony they both shoot from different vantage points. Once you get to the “formals” after your ceremony, they use a pre-made list of names to keep everyone flowing quickly - Meg and Tim build a vision of an image, then she poses while Tim works the lights and camera to create the images. At the reception, they work the same as we did the ceremony, by finding two vantage points and working together.

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